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Wow, I am a bit in shock right now. That friend I just spent all my time ranting about in the last entry I posted told me just now through a text message that she acted like she did (flipping out when I stopped talking to her for a while, and then flipping out when she learned of my cutting) because she actually used to have a little crush on me. The way she's talking though makes me think she still has that crush. And for some reason she's just now telling me all of this... Maybe because she's drunk. Ha ha! I hope she doesn't feel embarrassed about it tomorrow.

It all makes sense. I was angry with her for so long because I felt like she was smothering me and treating me like a girlfriend, and I didn't know how to express that to her. Everything makes sense now, and I find it hard to be mad about stuff anymore. How can I be mad at her for reacting that way when I know now that she likes me?

I am a little amused right now too, because this reminds me of those scenes from the movies where the character who's been acting frustrating finally makes a heartfelt confession to the character who's been confused and aggravated by their behavior. My life is such a story... ha ha!
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