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Name:Upsetting the Established Order....
Birthdate:Mar 16, 1986
Location:United States of America
I am a writer. You can call me Akito.

I'm a huge fan of Marilyn Manson and his bassist/guitarist Twiggy Ramirez. I love anything dark, scary and disturbing. I'm a horror movie junkie and I love scary music. I'm really big on all kinds of music though, except country.

I'm a Christian but I also tend to have more liberal views and I favor Anarchy. I believe that God gave us all consciences and that we're capable of governing ourselves. I think that the Government is doing the best it can to leech all of our money from us, and does this in the name of protecting liberties that it actually takes away more every day. Is the Anarchist philosophy perfect? Will it solve all our problems? No. But in my mind we already do a good enough job of killing ourselves and robbing each other, so why not pursue more of the freedoms that we were meant to have?

And on that same note, I believe everyone should have freedom of speech and expression, and that art should never be censored. The banning and burning of books is one of the only things that seriously offends me because I believe that everyone should have access to knowledge.

Anime-wise, I'm mainly into yaoi and shounen-ai. I think two men together is just too cute, not to mention romantic in a refreshingly non-fluffy way (I believe in letting male characters act like men and not women, unless of course one of them is a transsexual or something. Not so much a fan of making male characters act girly just because they fall in love with another guy.).

I also like animes with more dark and complex plots, or that have a serious message to convey (like Ghost in the Shell and Gundam Wing). That's right up my alley, since I way over-analyze everything. ^^

I write fanfiction as well as original works, and have been working for some time on writing out a couple of anime plots that I hope I will be able to turn into real animes someday.

All-time favorite characters: Darth Vader of Star Wars, Akito Souma of Fruits Basket, Vegeta of Dragonball Z, Draco Malfoy and Severus Snape of the Harry Potter series... lots of others.

Favorite DBZ pairings: Goku/Vegeta and Goten/Trunks
Favorite Fruba (Fruits Basket) pairings: Akito/Yuki and Ayame/Yuki (yeah, I know I'm sick)
Favorite Star Wars pairings: prepare to be weirded out... Darth Vader/Leia (I swear, I don't condone incest. I just think some fictional circumstances are fascinating. I love disturbing stuff)
Advent Children: Cloud/Kadaj, Cloud/Reno (evil gangster Reno though, not the wuss most people think Reno is. And I don't like him in some fluffy romance, I can only see him being violent and predatory), Kadaj/Yazoo
G.I.Joe:Rise of Cobra: Commander/Baroness and Commander/Destro
Harry Potter: Draco/Harry, Sirius/Remus
Blades of Glory: Chazz/Jimmy
Gundam Wing: Heero/Duo
Batman Begins/Dark Knight: Batman/Joker, Batman/Scarecrow (Batman and Joker belong together though. Anything else is just not right)
Ed Edd n Eddy (yes, I know I'm a dork): Edd/Eddy
Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack/Will (unfortunately I have yet to run across more than a handful of decent fics in that fandom)
Criminal Minds: Derek Morgan/Dr. Spencer Reid

And I like lots of other pairings, those are just my idea of who "belongs" together, or who makes the most interesting story when paired together.

I post fanfiction on,, and a little bit on My username on all of those sites is Akito Souma, AkitoSouma, or some variant of those. I have also posted Nolanverse! Batman fics on the livejournal community knivesandlint under my old journal's name (akito_darkangel). Ummm.. if I think of something else, I'll let you know. ^^

I'm pansexual. I tend to fall in love with and be attracted to people of all genders and sexes, although I think I largely prefer men. Am confused at this point in my life about whether or not I still want to get married and have kids. It all seems so complicated...

I'm very open and for the most part I treat people with respect (even when they're too ignorant to do the same for me).

I don't believe in strength. I think that we're all vulnerable people, and obsessing over labels and elaborate lies to make ourselves feel better is more detrimental than good. I try to acknowledge my flaws when I'm called on them and take personal responsibility. I don't let people walk on me either, though.

As a Christian I believe in treating people with love, but that doesn't mean to be a pushover. There's a nice way to confront people and I believe in doing that rather than letting issues build up and relationships fall apart.

I'm also Gothic, but that's more an expression of my interests than a 'way of life'. I love dark things and it shows, in what I wear and what activities I pursue (I'm not talking devil-worship or freaky ceremonies here, I just mean things like watching scary movies and looking at creepy art).

I'm not emo though; I hate that expression and the whole idea behind it--that people want to whine about how misunderstood they are and act depressed all the time--is very irritating to me. Which isn't to say I won't have sympathy for someone if they're hurting--I certainly have my own issues, including SI and unstable mood swings--I just don't believe in making a lifestyle out of it.

I can come off as really naive and innocent to those who don't know me that well. I think it's because I'm soft spoken and like to assume the best about people. But once again that doesn't by any means suggest that I will let someone walk over me, because believe me I've had enough experience with that sort of thing (people taking advantage of my niceness and just treating me like shit). I've had rough experiences too, and I don't think trying to stay positive in spite of them makes me a naive person. So if there's one thing that will really irk me it's someone being condescending toward me because they perceive me as 'childlike' or something. I don't need to be called 'cute'. I mean, please. Really. I'm not a dog.

Ok, I've definitely rambled about myself enough here. If you want to know more, just ask. I will probably answer any questions you have.

Interests (116):

a clockwork orange, akito/yuki, alternative modeling, america's next top model, anarchy, anatomy and physiology, ayame/yuki, batman, batman begins, batman/joker, benny & joon, berserk, bishounen, blades of glory, cats, charlotte martin, cloud/kadaj, cloud/reno, cradle of filth, criminal minds, darth vader/leia, david crowder band, death note, desperation, diamanda galas, dope stars inc., dragonball z, dreaming up mischief, drinking, fiction, final fantasy: advent children, frozenthia depresis, fruits basket, goon moon, gothic culture, groove coverage, gundam wing, hanging out with friends, harry potter series, harry/draco, hatori/akito, hecq, high tension, hocico, jack off jill, japanese culture, jesus on exstasy, jimmy eat world, john carpenter's vampires, kadaj/yazoo, kmfdm, kyou/yuki, labyrinth, linguistics, listening to music, lord of the rings trilogy, loveless, lucius/draco, manic street preachers, marilyn manson, misery, mortal kombat, nine inch nails, nip/tuck, one tree hill, other subcultures, outlaw star, petshop of horrors, placebo, please stop laughing at me, poetry, politics, profiling, psychology, pure, reading, red eye, religious studies, rorschach/night owl, rude/reno, scarling, shigure/akito, shounen ai, singing, sirius/remus, slash, snape/harry, speak, stephen king's 'on writing', stick figure, street fighter ii: the animated movie, subliminal noise yard, the bible, the birthday massacre, the dark crystal, the dark knight, the east clubbers, the late great me, the long hard road out of hell, the machinist, the neverending story, the o.c., the original halloween series, the prestige, the red tent, the study of human sexuality, the study of serial killers, the texas chainsaw massacre (2003), the texas chainsaw massacre: the beginni, tool, watching movies, watchmen, white oleander, winter sonata, writing, yaoi
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